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What known about Den of Thieves 2 is listed below. Den of Thieves nearly tripled its budget at the box office in 2018 and established itself as a modern heist masterpiece. Shortly after the film’s debut, director Christian Gudegast indicated a sequel was in the works, but since then, little has changed. Den of Thieves 2 Trailer was a huge critical hit, but audiences seemed to like it.


What narrative will told in “Den of Thieves 2: Pantera”?

Den Of Thieves follows LA County Sheriff’s Department detective Nicholas “Big Nick” O’Brien (Butler), who is hunt for a vicious gang of bank thieves in Los Angeles. The fearless robbers attempting to loot the Federal Reserve and “Big Nick” must stop them. Butler, the primary actor of Den of Thieves, spoke with Entertainment Weekly in June 2020 and shared latest developments about the sequel film with Den of Thieves 2 Trailer. The action will relocate from North America to Europe and the Marseilles diamond industry in Den of Thieves 2.

Butler was careful not to provide any more plot details, but he did assure us that the sequel would still feature Lobbin’ Bob (Bridges) and bartender Donnie (Jackson). The sequel will base on the 2003 Antwerp diamond exchange robbery, according to information provided to Screen Rant by Den of Thieves director Christian Gudegast. He will be pursued by Nick O’Brien (Butler), who recently travelled to Europe to escape his problems.

Den of Thieves 2, Pantera’s cast will include who?

Currently three actors have confirmed that they will return for the sequel. The character of Detective Nicholas “Big Nick” O’Brien, played by Gerard Butler, will be back along with Donnie Wilson (O’Shea Jackson Jr.) and Lobbin’ Bob (Jordan Bridges). Gudegast has also disclosed that they would cast fresh European actors for the sequel because a few of the cast members passed away in the first movie. More information on this will have to delay.

‘Den Of Thieves 2: Pantera’s Release Date

The sequel to Den of Thieves still has no set date of release as of this update. Butler indicated that production scheduled to start in Europe in the first quarter of 2022. We learned via Deadline in February 2022 that the sequel was preparing for a late spring shoot in Serbia and France. By the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023 sequel may finish. Future updates will be monitor us.

Has a trailer for Den Of Thieves 2 Release Date been released yet? The sequel is still in its early stages, and no official trailer has released. Let’s review the original Den of Thieves movie trailer to jog our memories of the action-packed movie for the time being. Don’t worry; They will be sure to inform you of any new developments.