"Good Rain"

Alcohol-Free and Fun!

200+ Performances and Experiences

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"High Vibrational" Music, Yoga, Dance, Art, Ceremony and Sustainability on Five Elemental Stages

Additional Headliners To Be Announced Soon


Transformational Presentations, Ceremonies, and Hands-On Workshops

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Yoga, Health and Movement Classes

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Children's Village

UNIFY FEST is a conscious, family-friendly, alcohol-free transformational festival - a perfect environment for "kids" of all ages!  With activities, presentations, hands-on fun, music, and dedicated programming for uplifting, unifying, and supporting the youth of the world, UNIFY FEST is a perfect platform for helping bring out the inner-genius we all carry within ourselves.  Bring your kids and your "inner-child" to UNIFY FEST in Santa Fe and remember what it's like to enjoy life and be connected with your tribe at more meaningful levels than ever before!


Healing Sanctuary

Immerse yourself in the midst of masters - every healing modality from reiki and energy healing, to massage, psychic healing, emotional healing, sound healing, tensor ring technology, and so much more.  Give yourself the permission to advance your energetic vibration to a whole new level by embracing the healing arts at UNIFY FEST!  Healer's from all walks of life will be offering free healing sessions and donation-based healing sessions.  Up-level your DNA by diving into the various healing sessions available to you at UNIFY FEST!


Multi-Cultural Ceremonial Experiences

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UNIFY FEST is about unifying humanity - people from all walks of life, traditions, cultures, races, tribes, countries, and beliefs will be participating and sharing in indigenous ceremonial rites over the 4-day festival in Santa Fe.  Every morning and every evening all attendees will be invited to participate in a new and unique ceremony offered by an elder of the tradition.  This is one of the most powerful ways we unify our minds, bodies, and spirits.  As part of UNIFY FEST you will be able to participate in diverse ceremonial experiences to connect yourself to spirit.

Yoga, Breathwork, and Movement Classes

Honoring our physical bodies is just as important and valuable as honoring our mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.  Combining the innate healing and vibrationally aligning practices of yoga, breathwork, and spiritual practice we begin to feel the inner bliss we've all been blessed to experience.  UNIFY FEST showcases world leading educators and practitioners through transcendental forms of yoga, breathwork, and movement classes.  Come bliss out at UNIFY FEST in Santa Fe!


Immersive Art Environments

Explore the realms of your consciousness as you embark within the immersive art environments at UNIFY FEST 2016!  These artistic environments are designed to support the awakening of your consciousness while helping you see new possibilities for creativity and spark the inner flames of creative thinking.  Enjoy the artistic experiences as you immerse yourself in the realms of infinite potential at UNIFY FEST in Santa Fe. (Photo courtesy of Harlan Gruber / Portals)

Leave the Land Better Than We Found It

UNIFY FEST is dedicated to leaving the land better than we found it.  Sustainability and regeneration are at the root of the festival vision and mission.  We intend to create sustainable initiatives and permaculture principles such as compost toilets, planting fruit trees, reducing waste, composting, recycling, and much more.  Our bigger vision is to  generate enough proceeds from the festival to purchase our own land through our non-profit to create a permanent and sustainable school and community where UNIFY FEST can grow and flourish each year.


Camping Onsite + Early Arrival

There's no need to stay offsite and have to commute each day.  Simply pay a small fee for a camping pass and get the ability to arrive early, setup your tent, and get ready for the magic you're about to experience at UNIFY FEST.  The loud music stops at midnight so you can sleep if you choose, while chill lounges, fire ceremonies, and late night acoustic sessions go into the early morning.  Food and water are available onsite.  Bring your tent and get ready for the most magical weekend ever!