Siberian Shaman Diana Suemi Has Arrived at UNIFY FEST to Share Wisdom and Ceremony

Diana is an international Women’s coach, consultant, author of unique programs such as the Sacred Sites Travels, and the Founder of the International Women’s Association «DAOIN» in 8 countries. She is the author of the method “How to create a Mandala for a successful life”, and has been a special guest on many TV programs in Europe, the US and Latin America. She participates in many international festivals and conferences about women’s health and personal development topics. Diana has spent the last 15 years helping women to deal with health problems, create harmony in relationships, and develop their talents to maximize how they use their resources. Since 2008, She has been involved in charitable projects that support victims of acts of terrorism, and women and children that are sick and disadvantaged. Diana’s mission is to help women to believe in themselves, and find fulfillment, and happiness ! Diana Suemi is a Slavic shamaness, spiritual business coach and international teacher and author. She has helped women and men around the world to discover themselves, find harmonious relationships, open up their talents, release their fears, and raise and regulate their energy. She helps them to obtain the faith necessary to become strong and successful in all aspects of their lives – in health, relationship, business, and spirituality. People also awaken their super abilities with her guidance.