Katharine and Makasha Roske Teaching How to Navigate Transformational Times During UNIFY FEST 2017!

Co-creative practices are designed for these auspicious and potent times. In this highly inter-active workshop the Roskes offer spiritual and social skills that are vital for building a stable foundation for sustainable community. Their decades of experience support small resonant teams who are aligned in passionate purpose to become the necessary seeds for transformation. Joining together we can co-create the world we all dream is possible!

Katharine and Makasha

Since their destined meeting over 40 years ago Katharine and Makasha have been committed to whole systems transformation and the emerging new earth. As social architects they have pioneered innovative and co-creative models in many aspects of life including education, business, health, birthing and community building. In 1996 they co-founded Hummingbird Community in northern New Mexico as a spiritual earth-based sanctuary www.hummingbirdcommunity.org.

As ministers, educators, and consultants, the Roske support couples, organizations, businesses, and communities that are shifting from a dominator to a partnership model. They are available for consulting, speaking engagements, trainings and workshops through www.livingcocreation.com. Katharine is co-author with Carolyn Anderson of The Co-Creator’s Handbook 2.0. This guidebook is used by individuals and groups throughout the world in the building of a co-creative  planetary culture.

In service to the younger generations, Katharine and Makasha, together with their daughter, Tamara, co-founded Earth Guardians in Hawaii in 1994. Lead by their grandson, Xiuhtezcatl, the movement is rapidly growing as empowered young people take action on behalf of the earth and future generations (www.earthguardians.org).