Sacred Women’s Empowerment Ceremony Offered by Natasha Pachalove at UNIFY FEST 2017!

Natasha Pachalove is a ceremonialist, healing arts practitioner, communication enthusiast, and Priestess Initiate committed to illuminating the heart centered truth existing in all beings. Natasha has traveled sacred lands across the globe learning ancient wisdom traditions and exploring the practices of meditation, plant medicine, and mysticism. Through her ongoing transformational journey of self mastery, Natasha has shed many layers that were inhibiting full unfoldment of her soul’s highest potential and reconnection to her spiritual essence. Her passions are to integrate expansion of consciousness into human experience and inspire those who are wayshowers to understand their eternal nature, follow their purposeful calling and express their authentic voice. She is dedicated to creating safe and nurturing spaces full of unconditional love where people can rediscover their inner guides to heal and remember the empowerment radiating within to metamorphose their lives. Grounded and embodied, Natasha carries and transmits the potent grace of the Divine in her presence and service.

The ceremony will consist of ~
~gaining a deeper sense of connection and community with the sisters who are present
~developing a healing relationship to the feminine body and moon (menstrual) cycle
~sharing the heart and womb’s story in a safe space to be fully heard and received
~learning how to express one’s deepest vulnerabilities and how to see them as the seeds of our greatest strengths
~grounding meditation to calm the mind, ease anxiety and stress
~learning how to honor our internal wisdom and listen to its guidance
~ceremonial drumming, devotional singing, intuitive dance and more