Gentle Thunder Officially Confirmed to Bring Healing and Ceremony to UNIFY FEST!

Gentle Thunder is known by her peers as an Earth Guardian, Water Protector, and Humanitarian. She has been involved with the “World Peace” movement, where she traveled to South Korea for the Summit of World Religions, and also the Parliament of World Religions in Salt Lake City, UT. Her current works are in doing “grid” work on the land in various places of the Planet, through the use of crystals, medicine wheels, and energetic frequencies, which in turn help maintain balance. She is also a Sacred Water Carrier. In her travels, she has collected, and blessed many natural bodies of water, including Sacred sites. In understanding the nature of her work, many people have also gifted her waters from their travels. She believes that in uniting the water, we unite the people, and in uniting the people we will have PEACE. She also currently travels in sharing the medicine of the Whales through channeling in her offerings of “Sound Healing.” She also facilitates “Water Blessing Ceremony”, and “Toning with the Starseed children”. She helps people release old/negative karma, nurture the child within, self love, and more. Everything that she does is Spirit based! You can learn more about Gentle Thunder, and her work by visiting her website;