Colin Martin AKA COLIN YOU HOME Confirmed for UNIFY FEST!

My name is Colin and I have plenty of stories to tell. The first one I ever heard starts in Pennsylvania, where I was born. From that new beginning, things have surely expanded greatly. I began in this world pulsating music and asking questions about life. And so, unto these curiosities and music, I have decided to place my focus.

Included in the output of my internal dream manifestation station, are folk sounds on acoustic guitar, bebop jazz licks through a saxophone, and Dr. Suess-ly potent poetics full of insight into the great mystery of…….what am I talking about again?….Oh yes, LIFE. All wrapped up into one call. That is “Colin, You Home”. A declaration to myself, reminding myself that no matter where I go and no matter how far I roam, I am always at home. And I do feel home quite honestly. The melodies that keep me company are the most wonderful energies a soul could ask for, and the words and rhymes make dear friends when I feel myself getting stuck following fear trends. The point, I think, is to witness the ideas that I have take a shape into reality by actively working toward their manifestation in healthy ways. I am most fond of those ideas that are centered around community service, sustainable and healthy living practices, and the healthy interaction between all people; women, men, and children.

Forever, the creative spark in me shall dance and illuminate the hidden treasures that lie within. Each of us has this spark and I find great value in reminding others of this by being a good example in whatever I do…..which is to be myself. When we let our lights shine bright, others remember their capacity to soar to greater heights.

Furthermore, some of the things that make me look better on paper….for those of you interested to work with me in a professional manner….
-Degreed musician from Ohio State University
-Experienced educator for ALL ages and experience levels
-Experienced MUSIC educator for all ages and experience levels

All the blessed.