Maitland Confirmed to Grace the Stages of UNIFY FEST With Their Inspiring Indie Folk Rock!

Years of brotherhood, self-proclaimed and genetic, have created the indie/folk/rock band Maitland. With the release of the band’s first album, “(from a cabin in the woods)”, Josh Hines (vocals/guitar/songwriter), toured subway systems and street corners in the North East. Once it was time to make more noise, Josh invited his brother, Alex Hines (bass/vocals), Evan Moffitt (guitar), and Adam Shumski (drums) to the stage.

Capitalizing on the versatility of the folk iterations, Maitland’s live performances express backwoods rustic elements paired with driving percussion and unforgettable melodies. To honor the fluidity of Josh’s songs, Maitland often plays in different arrangements, allowing for unique solo, duo, and full band performances. Maitland released their debut full length album, “Glimpse”, in June of 2017.

Josh’s vision is to inspire creativity, empower others to share their gifts, and reawaken the healing power of sound.