Becca Bowden Officially Confirmed to Teach Calligraphy Based Yoga Flow at UNIFY FEST!

Born and raised in Alabama, I began traveling about three years ago in search of a more conscious and nourishing lifestyle than my homeland could offer at that time.. I found myself stepping into a journey that would lead me further and deeper than I ever could have imagined, when I began the path of healing and inner soul searching for deep inner truths.

Now, I find myself deepening this path of conscious living, learning, and sharing. While making daily choices to honor the Earth and it’s natural cycles of life.  Along the way, I have found tools that shed layers of old skins, giving space and breath to the true esence of Self.. and my intention is to embody them, and share them to bring forth a new way of living and loving throughout this beautiful life.


The yoga class I currently share incorporates the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air… grounding movements begin and end the class.
fluid, waterlike motions of calligraphy yoga bring mobility and connection to the entire body,
building fire within the body purifies us of what no longer serves..
And breath creates space and awareness to guide and nourish our journeys.

This class is most often a very gentle flow, to allow the mind to settle into silence, and for subtle spaces of intuitive healing to take place.