Ancestral Wisdom Village at UNIFY FEST

With the awareness of the energetic portals that open during festivals, this space serves for channeling, rooting, and transmuting the energies moving during the gathering. We offer our sincere service, aware of the importance of bringing people’s inner wisdom to this expansive experience. A place to fully embrace the power of sound with the elements of nature co-creating harmony. Praying with ceremonies, medicine songs, sound healing, talking circles and conscious movement, we open our heart and reconnect with our highest self to harmonise all our relationships.

We will hold the space of the sacred fire, our Abuelo Fuego, throughout the festival. The fire will serve as a space throughout the festival for participants to offer prayers, gratitude, and a place to connect to their internal self. The fire will serve as a place for people to shared healing words and songs.

Beyond an Intercultural experience we invite you to have a Zewacultural experience, “a dialogue between the original knowledge and the modern world, where the ancestral wisdom resurges with purposeful strength in the new cultural vanguard” Mhuysqa elder Jate Kulchavita