Kundalini Yoga Instructor SAT AMRIT KAUR Confirmed to Teach at UNIFY FEST!

As a student and teacher of Kundalini Yoga, Sat Amrit Kaur continues to build from a foundation that allows her to flourish. Integration and harmonization are essential aspects of her practice, lifestyle, and ultimate mission. Living her happiest and healthiest includes celebrating the masculine and feminine, human and spiritual selves. This intimate and loving relationship that Sat Amrit continues to cultivate is infinite, forever inspiring, and the motivation she begins each day with. YES! TO SELF LOVE!!! 

For Sat Amrit this means keeping it real. She encourages students to be honest with themselves, to notice EVERYTHING! Awareness is liberation.  Sat Amrit is all about embracing our vulnerabilities, acknowledging our resistances, and expressing our truth in the most authentic and creative way, in complete alignment with our integrity. Her intention is for all people to BE & FEEL INSPIRED & EMPOWERED. Our communion with one another creates the sacred space for profound heart-centered transformation. We heal ourselves and Mama Gaia.

Sat Amrit is native to the Las Vegas, Nevada desert, a unique home that has inspired her vision and spiritual transformation. Having received a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from the University of Nevada – Las Vegas and studying abroad in France, Sat Amrit’s zest for life comes from her passion for knowledge, art, and travel. She is moved by human compassion and connection, affirming that it is our vulnerability that empowers us, both individually and collectively. Sat Amrit’s most recent accomplishment is the launch of ashleysunyoga.com,  a sacred space that offers information about individual and community services.