Siberian Shaman Ladamira Confirmed to Share Wisdom and Ceremony at UNIFY FEST!

Ladamira is a internationally renowned shaman and 9th generation healer from Siberia. She is a gifted intuitive who uses traditional approaches to help clients find physical, emotional and spiritual balance. Working with transformative intuitive energy,she helps you to pinpoint the obstacles that are blocking you from your goals and dreams, and she guides you in overcoming them.

The granddaughter of an acclaimed Russian medicine woman, Ladamira turned to ancient traditions when she was diagnosed with cancer in her 20s. She spent six months in the Siberian forest with a group of indigenous shamans. After curing her, the shamans invested Ladamira with the mission of spreading their ancient wisdom and healing techniques to others. Ladamira has been travelling the world ever since, sharing her expertise in the healing arts of herbs and plants as well as ancient Siberian healing rituals known to few. She teaches and performs healing rituals to help people restore their harmony to themselves, to nature, and to their families and friends.

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