ISA & THE BARD to Bring Sacred Chanting to UNIFY FEST 2017 in Santa Fe!

The Bard was living alone in his cave, and occasionally came out to play and sing for the people.He began to spend time with Ganesh, Shiva, and Krishna,and remembered his past lives as Orpheus and Milarepa. One day he saw a vision of a great festival, Unifyfest, in the woods near Santa Fe.
There he met Isa Vasanti, a sky dancer. She was ready to expand her range of expression to include singing. Isa has been on a spiritual path all her life. Born in Belgium she travelled the world to find OM in India where she spent several years in ashrams abiding in the great mystery. She then became a mother and started her descent into the body, realizing it as the vehicle of liberation. She connects with the divine feminine energy through the many archetypes of the Goddess.  Isa facilitates
 healing and awakening bridging the wisdom of the East and the methods of the West. With the Bard, she leads people in awakening their authenticity through chanting and dancing.
Forrest Evans aka The Bard,  Hanuman Kirtana
Isa Vasanti teacher and facilitator at