Rob Paul to Teach the 12 Astrological Archetypes at UNIFY FEST 2017!

Rob is a light worker, healer, philosopher, and natural-born psychologist.  He has the fortune of all of these wonderful things to be rolled into one practice: Astrology.

Throughout his twenties he explored a wide variety of practices from yogic traditions, pranayama, psychology, philosophy, and alternative medicines.  Then as the karmic patterns of his young life came to a close, he felt a profound homecoming in discovering Astrology.

He now feels that his main purpose and mission in life is to dive as deeply into astrological practice as much as deeply as possible, and then carry its profound teachings into the world.

And, so he invites you to come take this journey with him.  To come explore the depths of your own existence and of your Soul.  To become aware of the lessons that your Soul has incarnated to learn, and how to best work with them.  You will be held in the utmost compassion, understanding, and love.

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