Sofia Bogdanovic to Create Transformational Art at UNIFY FEST!

Sofia Bogdanovic is an inspired visionary artist for whom art has always been Medicine, and one of the primary means of healing, exploration, self-expression, a tool for self inquiry, and maybe just a means of playfulness and accessing the innocence of the inner child. As a Serbian American Extra-terrestrial born in former Yugoslavia, I’ve studied the academic approach to visual art since age 12 and accrued a Masters degree in Fine Art/Film and Video from CSM in London, UK. I’ve been a Boulderite since 2007, a world traveller, a lover of world cultures and musics, and most of all of our home Gaia. As a seeker of knowledge, of what connects us all, and explorer of consciousness, I feel that we are at a critical point of transformation as a species and hope that my art can help open some portals of remembrance and ignite some passion to awaken and grow our greater better self… as we all need to inspire each other these days! :::Time is Art! :::

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