Jiiniikwe & Rene to Share Profound Healing Ceremonies and Music at UNIFY FEST!

Jiiniikwe aka Dr.J.
Jiiniikwe is sometimes referred to as Dr. J,, Sarvani Devi, Thien Nein Bao Gom Dy Dim, Medicine Bird and just grandma to the festival goers.. She practices a few cultural practices including Hindu and Buddhism. She is a Native American and grew up in Michigan, but she will refer to herself simply as a earth person. Her parents are from northern Michigan with family ties to the Great Soux nation, Dakota nation and the Sitting Bull tiwahe thru her father. Jiiniikwe’s mother was from Bay Mills by Sault St. Marie. All her earlier great grand parents were from Canada to other Great Lakes areas and also uncles and aunties from Cannon Ball South Dakota. She started out early in life playing and composing music from 12 years and on. She didn’t record music until 2006.She states she loves to play the piano, keyboards, violin, electric guitar, acoustic guitar and also using modern synthesizers and beat boxes. She has played music with others such as Keith Secola, Tonamah, and have performed her own concert in Detroit Michigan for the 250 Pontiac Memorial. Jiiniikwe was a Rock nominee for the North American Indigenous Image Awards in 2011, Won a Silver and 2 bronze medals in 2016 from Global Music Awards. She has currently entered the Native American Music Awards. Her music from previous years and the Water is Life album II is on the NAMA website. She is a actress with 5 films and a international/National artist as a impressionist Native painter, with works around the world. She has also professionally published in journals and encyclopedias, magazines and newspapers. Jiiniikwe is also known for her cultural and spiritual knowledge and recognition as a spiritual leader and elder as well among tribes. She has performed and participated with other festivals since 2014.
Rene Mills~
He is a world traveler for world peace and has travelled the seven continents and also as a geomancer and has a great knowledge of the worlds meridians, energy and ley lines. He is also a NAC roadman, a ordained minister and spiritual leader. Rene loves to speak and do workshops in  foods, nutrition, organic gardening, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. He also has attended other festivals since 2014 and loves to cook.