Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary Village at UNIFY FEST!

  • Authentic Steam Lodge

  • Hemp Oil and Body Care

  • 24 Ft. Tipi Devoted to Prayer Ceremonies

  • Shiva Lingum Altar and Ceremonies

  • Make Complimentary Hemp Lassis

  • Magical Walking Pony Rides

  • Sacred Fire

  • And More!

The Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary is a religious, grassroots, non-profit 501c3 charitable organization (#46-4846209) Our Mission is sustaining agricultural, economic and healing lifestyles within indigenous cultural communities. We offer youth and family programs involving horses and sacred ceremonies. ‘Cultivating Indigenous Earth Native Spiritual Practices and living in peace and harmony abundantly with oneself and all our relations’ Our goal is to help our members to remember their deep and intimate connection with our Mother Earth in their process of re-membering and re-awakening to their true purpose. We are creating the ultimate network of medicine people and spiritual healing centers on earth to support the health and healing of our members and beyond.

What does Wumaniti bring to the Unify Fest: An authentic steam lodge built out of white willow with volcanic rocks in which can accommodate up to 20 people at a time, in which Unify participants receive complimentary Hemp Oil and Body care and receive the guidance from the power of mother earth prayers in our sacred steam lodge. Running one to two gentle steam lodges a day around sunset. A 24 ft tipi that is devoted to prayer ceremonies, hosting spiritual leaders at Unify Fest and a place for grounding prayers. A Shiva Lingum altar of various sizes with a Shiva Lingum Ceremony offered every morning, making a complimentary hemp lassi in the Shiva Lingum Ceremony in which is shared afterwards to participants and those who visit our village. Throughout the day, Magical Walking Pony Rides with 4-5 horses to include the two mini ponies alternating one cart, with Wumaniti Crew members walking kids and adults around. Keeping a sacred fire going in the middle of our village. Access to our Member cards in which makes it legal to possess your herbal medicine and resources for legal battles with cannabis and hemp. A 10x20ft booth offering our local & sustainable sacred hemp offerings, smudges, and guidance.

Need a place to come ground out at Unify? Visit the Wumaniti Tee-Pee, pray, utilize the hemp medicine on your body or come ground out with the horses that are there for healing work and loving people, are trained for big crowds and lots of energy. We will offer one cart with two mini ponies alternating for the kids and 2-3 horses for ponying people around on. Our Shiva Lingum Altar in which we create a safe space for Unify participants to learn the ancient and historical Shiva lingum pujas, the ceremonies in which have been involved with honoring the hemp and cannabis tree for 1,000’s of years. We hold a Shiva Lingum Puja once a day in the morning making fresh hemp lassi in prayer on the Shiva lingum’s and we share the hemp lassi then with the participants and those who visit our village.