Live Painter Tim Clark to Create Visionary Art During UNIFY FEST 2017!

Through my art I am depicting the age of crystals, to re-member we are Crystalline Beings practicing knowledges developed by a culture of of Harmony through our ancestors. As a yogi artisan i will perform in an immersive symmetrical painting with ambidextrous-strokes,songs of the spirit to activate memories of healing and rejuvenation of One self to a beautiful humanity. I would love to come and perform lively expressions of my practice on a 5foot canvas,opening up the gateway to the divine masculine and feminine forces coming into one another. Sentient symbolisms of our physical organisms,bursting through the chasms of archetypical dimensions. This is a journey where the lingam aligns with the precious pearls of the yonis-verse with emphasis on the womb of creation wherein both forces meet to create life in realities fathomed by the universal orchestra which carry out to the vibratory field of conscious human creators. To develop in metamorphosis of ether into matter by working bodies. also i will be traveling in the home built Art chariot.