ANGELA MIELE to Lead Soul Activation Sound Healing Meditation at UNIFY FEST 2017 in Santa Fe, NM!

“My desire for happiness in life gave me the perserverance and courage to unravel my life in search of my truth. I have come to behold the divine love that I am and always have been, by clearing away untrue beliefs I held about myself and society. My life’s journey has prepared me for this moment, as I love myself more deeply, I become an open vessel for Source energy. My healing capabilities and creativity revealed themselves to me as I opened the pathway to the divine and it continues to guide me deeper into the essence of universal life.

​I know in my connection with Source, the sound journey creates an environment for you to connect with your Divine Soul and Source. We guide you into a space, within your heart, of remembering who you truly are and experiencing the deepest most profound sense of love within you. My remembering has guided me into creating healing jewelry. The vibrations of the various combinations of gemstones create a unique vibration to aid you in your transformation proccess.

My journey now is about embracing the ebb and flow of life, being present with each moment. I realize I am the creator of my reality. I chose to ride the wave of harmonious resonance with the universe, trusting I am fully supported and guided by Source. I am a co-creator of unity consciousness with all of you, who chose to be as well.”

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