Steven Sedalia Officially Confirmed for UNIFY FEST 2017 in Santa Fe!

“Hello Earthlings,

Thank you for your Love and support. You allow me to continue spreading sweet Light in music with the purpose of building a larger collective movement based on a Love for the Earth, humanity, all plants and animals, and all of the forces that give us Life.

It is my mission to foster a healthy relationship between humanity and the one Earth, as well as within the human family, and within each individual. Sound is a healer, and story is a teacher, listening is a technique, and music is a practice in Love.

“keep speaking, you lost lunatic, because one day your ramble will be composed into the rings inside the tree and your inflection will become the waves to connect the continents, the direction of your sound matters not, because it will radiate everywhere like the shining sun, so you, keep singing, you freakin’ lunatic, because one day your voice will be the song of the wind and your breath will be the rain falling and your heart the thunder drum boom boom. keep screaming you wild creature because one day your shriek will be the fire’s cry and your power will be the lighting strike, and your movement will be tornado’s spin, I want you to shake every life and limb because you will decompose and through the dying leaves soon become a rose and you recomposed into the shapes in the clouds and the patterns in the sacred dirt, my child, you are the song of the Earth. In Sweet Love, S.S.”

See Steven Live at UNIFY FEST 2017