The Planewalker Experience with Ramla Taal Tribal Bellydance to Perform Live at UNIFY FEST 2017!

Planewalker (a.k.a. Brennan Murphey) is one of the most prolific psychedelic electronic music artists in the United States and a Celtic harp player of national renown. With over 100 original songs released between his own name and his collaborative projects Chaos Control and Mister Chill’R, Planewalker has also produced official remixes for some of the most respected artists in psychedelic bass music and psychedelic trance including Desert Dwellers, Merkaba, Funky Dragon and Smoke Sign.

Inviting you on a cosmic journey to the higher planes of the musical multiverse, Planewalker calls on his ancestral Irish and Egyptian roots to infuse his compositions with the ancient tones and rhythms of the druids and the magi. Weaving memorable stories and gems of spiritual wisdom seamlessly into the stream of sounds, every song is designed to unlock the hidden powers inside you and inspire you to align with the divine will. Raising your vibration through the resonant frequencies of the most evocative and exotic instruments, he brings you out of your mind and into your body. By awakening the ancient seeds of magic buried deep within your soul memory and activating the light code dynamics of your DNA, he calls forth with his music your divine power to manifest reality in accordance with your higher calling. The auditory experience is further enhanced by a scintillating display of projection mapped visuals, colorful lights and dance routines designed specifically for each set.

Planewalker has been featured on event lineups with Rabbit in the Moon, Ott, The Polish Ambassador, Phutureprimitive, Desert Dwellers, Kalya Scintilla, Bluetech, Random Rab, Govinda, Bird of Prey and Kaminanda. His debut full-length psy-bass album “Planes of Consciousness” is slated for release on July 21, 2017 on his new label imprint, Waveform Wizardry, and will be kicked off with his album release party “Starseed Andromeda” at Taos Mesa Brewing in Taos, New Mexico on the same date. Planewalker’s calling cards are a celtic harp, which he plays live during his electronic music performances, a four-foot long flaming sword that he dances with on stage, and various LED dance props capable of drawing large, full-color moving images in the air. He has a busy summer ahead, with over 38 performances scheduled in California, Colorado, Texas, Kansas, Wyoming, Oklahoma and Colorado from June to September of 2017.

Ramla Taal Tribal Bellydance is a tribal bellydance troupe from Albuquerque, New Mexico led by Megan Martyn, who has been teaching and performing bellydance for over two decades. Other members of the troupe include Acacia and Iona Vernon, Julie Parker, Tashi Amrita, Eva Lowry, Amelia Solace, and Ivy Eose. Ramla Taal’s performances with Planewalker feature choreographed group dance routines, out-of-this-world costumes, and various crowd-mingling sequences.

Planewalker also works with various Crestone-based fire dancers from the ARC community and others including Fawn Moonchild, Alma Carel Ocelot Medicine Dance and Kesai the FIre Shaman, which occasionally make an appearance to add additional flare to the stage show with fire fans, fire staff, and poi.

The Planewalker Experience combines the best elements of the ancient and the futuristic, balancing impeccable production with tribal rituals to give you a magical, mystical, otherworldly experience you will never forget!

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