What to Bring

Personal Stuff

Bath towel
Non-toxic/Natural Toothpaste & Toothbrush
Hair brush, comb, hair bands
Prescription Medications if required
Personal First-Aid Kit
Non Toxic Sun Block
Non Toxic Bug Spray
Diva Cup or Organic Feminine Products
Backpack/Day Pack
Swiss Army Knife
Mat or Towel for Yoga
Directions to the Venue


Tent with Stakes
Sleeping Pad or Air Mattress
Sleeping Bag or Blanket(s)
Tarp to Put Under Tent

Food & Beverages

(Organic/Plant Based Food is available for Purchase Onsite)
Bring Your Own:
Water Bottle(s)
Healthy Snacks
Travel Mug
Reusable plate, bowl & utensils


Rain Gear
Undies &Socks
Sun Hat
Warm Hat
Shoes or Sandals
Daytime – Be prepared for temperatures as high as the 80’s
Nighttime – Festive or ceremonial gear or come as you are, temp ranging 40’s-50’s