Kellie Pemberton AKA LADY LOVE to Teach Joyful Movement Qi Dance in the Children’s Village at UNIFY FEST

Lady Love is a Performance Healing Artist, Playshop Facilitator, and Bodyworker who lives to learn, play, joyfully connect, express and empower. Engaged with grace in the main practices of Laughing, Singing, Dancing, and the Healing Arts, she is in sacred silly service to remind us of our integrity and ability for self mastery. The experiences and activities associated with her private sessions, playshops and retreats help to catalyze emotional, energetic, and expressive alchemy, bringing us deeper into the reverence, development, and knowing of self.

In this laughter session we will explore joyful connection by activating breath, sound, and childlike play through a series of laughter yoga/meditation exercises. Reviewed as ‘silly and satisfying’ and ‘simple yet profound’, this practice is shared with the scientifically supported intent and result of creating new neural activity, channeling energy and emotions through expression, and stimulating the body through physical movement. The ultimate youthing experience! This is good, clean, easy fun for the whole family.

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