ILLUP GRAVENGAARD Officially Confirmed to Teach Medicine Making and Herbal Alchemy at UNIFY FEST 2016!

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Illup Gravengaard is the founding herbalist, alchemist, aromatherapist, perfumist of the high vibe vitality & alchemical lifestyle brand Kejiwa (meaning “Of the Soul”). He has been featured for his work on the Travel Channel’s world-wide seen show “Bizarre Foods.” In print, Illup has been featured from the local Red Rock Newspaper to the International “Trinity” magazine of Japan. His Kejiwa products can be found around the country in high-end specialty shops, juice bars, healthy restaurants, and available for world-wide order in the online e-store.

Illup was thrown into the world of herbalism via a long prolific land journey out in the wild desert outside of Sedona, Arizona. Learning to listen to the plants, he learned to bridge the rich profound medicine of this environment to the local people of the Southwest and eventually beyond. The first inspired delivery system for his medicine was with kombucha, receiving the International Best Beverage Award at the Raw Living Expo in 2012. Illup has gone on to invent new ferments including a 55 herb cross between kombucha and honey wine (mead) entitled “Cohmbeesha.”

Illup has created a full lifestyle line of daily alchemy to take for all people’s upliftment into highest thriving vitality. These creations include aromatherapy, organic perfume, spagyric herbal tinctures, ormus mineral supplements, essential oils, “Cohmbeesha” as well as online herbal empowerment classes & workshops, in person medicinal plant walks, herbal alchemy journeys, apprenticeship programs, regular monthly full moon alchemy ceremonies, and alchemical healing arts activations.