Shaela Noella Bringing Heart Medicine Fire Ceremony and Live Music to UNIFY FEST!

Shaela Noella songstress of many songs and cultures, ceremonialist, and creatress of plant medicine. Most often you can find her singing with Las Curanderas, world folk heart songs or Sumati, devotional chants. She has studies with Siberian shamans and works closely with her guides and the nature spirits to create ceremonies and nature flower essences, vibrational energetic remedies.

Shaela will be performing live music during Juan Pablo’s yoga class as well as conducting a Heart Medicine Fire Ceremony at UNIFY FEST!

Heart Medicine Fire Ceremony:

With the power of breath, presence, the fire, song and flower nature essences Shaela Noella will be offering a Heart Medicine Fire Ceremony, to cleanse the heart of blockages, and to honor and ignite our true hearts desires. The wisdom Shaela Noella carries is cradled by her ancestral Pueblo and Apache lineage and enriched from studies of cultures such as the ancient Hawaiians and Siberian Shamanism. Her communion with Nature Spirits and Spirit Guides has opened up for her an incredible resource of co-creating nature flower essences of all sorts to help people heal, grow and evolve. It is a great honor for her to lead and share her joy of ceremony with you.

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