Nomadic Artifacts Confirmed to Bring Giftivism to UNIFY FEST!

We are Nomadic Artifacts, we are an art collective working together to promote a philosophy, it is known as Giftivism. It is the idea of giving in selfless ways that radically transform the world.
We develop art as a “Token of Inspiration” to bring the community together in Unity to achieve common goals. We have glass art, wood burning, rock wraps and more. In our token series are 7 tokens, our first token of the series is Focus and for Unify Festival we will be focusing on trash, spreading awareness to “Be The Change, Pack Out All Trash.” We will be gifting our “Focus on Trash” token to help remind you about this positive intention.
We organize cleaning campaigns on the first of every month to set an example of what it means to pack out all trash. Pack out all trash means when you are on an adventure you pack your trash in a trash bag and use that bag to pack out any trash you may see laying around. Once you have filled the bag take it to your vessel and bring it home with you. If we can all hold ourselves accountable for doing this, we can all have a clean space to enjoy.
Our booth is a space to come and be educated about the philosophy and how it has impacted us at Nomadic Artifacts,
also how Nomadic Artifacts has impacted the United States In just a few short months of existence. We have collected Artifacts from our cleaning campaigns and share stories from Nomads who are inspirational leaders of this movement.