Sebastien Marconato Officially Confirmed for UNIFY FEST 2016!

Sebastien, a.k.a. Blue Cloud, has followed his love of music with a fearless passion after being gifted a Vivo Tahitian nose flute while on a surf trip in Polynesia. He was born in Toulouse, France, but has found “home” in many countries around the world. He was first introduced to the Native American flute over fifteen years ago while listening to R. Carlos Nakai. From that moment, the Native American flute has guided him to the enchanted lands of New Mexico, and introduced him to the Native American culture where he performed twice at the Main Street Zuni Festival. His sound has since evolved into a healing experience, and has touched listeners from the Las Vegas Psychiatric Hospital to yoga classes, from the Mesa Vista Healing Center to music venues across the world. The music of Blue Cloud will uplift and transcend all thought and reason. His guided meditations will lead you on a beautiful journey and bring you back to your self.

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