Visual Performances

Stunning visual performances by professional dancers, choreographers, and visionary artists at UNIFY FEST 2016 in Santa Fe!

UNIFY FEST – 4-day transformational music, health, yoga, ceremonial, and sustainability festival in Santa Fe, NM! 

Lunar Fire storytellers weave LIVE MUSIC & THEATRICAL DANCE to create New Myths for Modern Tribes. Let go of all familiarity and climb into a world of fantasy, alchemy, mystic dreams & ancient archetypes with LUNAR FIRE. The visuals mesmerize. The music hypnotizes. Known for building a symbiotic interactive relationship with the audience, Lunar Fire has grown a dedicated following throughout a wide scope of communities and age groups. In every distinct version of the LUNAR FIRE spectacle, talented storytellers invite the audience to join their characters on a Hero’s journey of soul searching struggle through the challenges and triumphs of transformation.

We are an enchanting duo of performers who share the same passion for creative arts. We luv spreading magic everywhere we go- via artistic performances, dancing, flow arts, live painting. Our unique & groovy performances aim to inspire, allure, & connect with all divine souls that we come across.

Jen is a certified nutritionist, lifestyle coach, fitness trainer, Integral yoga teacher & doTERRA Wellness Advocate with a passion for understanding the sacred power of water. With 6 years of experience in the field of optimal health, nutrition, and elemental living strategies, she brings a wealth of knowledge as well as a beginners mind full of curiosity for the mysteries of life, nature, and the sacred human form. She has mentored clients in nutrition in New York, as well as taught workshops on nutrition, water, and breathing practices throughout the US and abroad.

Brittany L. Brown or Bee Inspiral, founder of Inspiral Dance and Inspiral Dance Medicine Tribe is a visionary dance artist whose lifes purpose is to spread the empowering medicine of dance through the activation of moving light language in prayerformance, workshops and ceremonies.  She began studying dance and other fine arts disciplines in 2001 and graduated Columbia College Chicago in 2012 with a B.A in Dance-Making. In 2010 Bee began to activate in the awareness of dance as a power and untapped healing art. It was at this time that she began to channel in Liquid Lotus Dance Meditation Technique. Shortly after this a series of spiritual experiences lead to a vision quest that delivered her the download of the Gridosphere and the GCT philosophy in 2011. Since then Bee has been actively developing and presenting these philosophies in performance, choreography, workshops and ceremonies across the Americas. As a choreographer and generator of vis ionary art Bee has Brown was a member of Laboratory Dancers Dance Company from 2009 to 2012.

Fusing Ancient Technology with Modern Ritual in the Creation of a New Communal Rite • Using sound and music to Liberate consciousness and retune the Human Being. A musical template for human awakening and empowerment • Invoking Truth to pierce through Illusion • Primal Frequencies to Elevate the Mind, Body and Soul • Tapping the inner psyche to reach that which has been long forgotten Focusing the power and potential of the complete sound spectrum • Infiltrates programming to Liberate energy and awareness

As a live musician, world soul artist and one-man orchestra Poranguí weaves ancestral songs and indigenous rhythms from around the globe. Creating his performances from scratch using looping technology, Poranguí’s live grooves range from meditative to dance party, moving the body, lifting the spirit, and transcending the divide between performer and audience. An evening with Poranguí might take you on a journey from deep, earthy didgeridoo grooves to high-vibe ecstatic Brazilian beats to blissful African kalimba lullabies. Serenades and storytelling to beat boxing and booty shaking: Together, these make an unforgettable experience.

Consuelo Luz, vocal alchemist, singer/songwriter, activist, award-winning recording and performance artist, known worldwide for her soulful interpretation of Sephardic music, has performed internationally, produced and recorded eight albums and her works have been included in many international music compilations such as Buddha Bar and Putumayo.

Obsidian Butterfly and Sacred Fire Dance Company provides entertainment for events, parties, festivals, and corporate gatherings since 2003. Our shows include multiple styles of dance and music, infused with myth and fantasy to create a unique story told through movement. Though our specialty is fire and LED Light entertainment, we offer many types of entertainment options from jugglers, stilt walkers, unicycle rider, snake handler, hoop dancers, to Polynesian fire shows, and Cirque entertainment . Our shows are engaging and memorable. Join us for a fantastical journey at UNIFY FEST 2016 in Santa fe!

Sara Zelenika is an Oregon based performer originally from Bosnia. She is a solo dancer with background in Hip-Hop, Popping, Theater, & Traditional Buddhist Temple dance. Sara focuses on putting together artistic costumes created by high end designers for her live performances. Sara brings thought-provoking, inspiring, emotive pieces of art to the audience. She is currently teamed up with Zach Krausnick (Virtual Reality developer) creating V.R music videos, and projection mapped performances. Sara has performed with artists such as Troyboi, CloZee, Desert Dwellers, Kalya Scintilla, PantyRaid, Thriftworks, Dimond Saints, Sorne, and many more.

Grace Weisman Oriel is a passionate performer dedicated to the transformative and healing powers of the movement arts. Grace began her studies in performing arts at the age of eight as an actress and poet. She began acting in Shakespeare plays with Karen Thibodeau's Taos Children's Theatre Company, in which she played such parts as Puck from a Midsummer's Nights Dream, Pheobe in As You LIke It, and many more smaller roles and began writing and performing poetry. Grace received third place in the Taos Poetry Slam at the age of ten. When Grace was twelve she became the first young adult to join the Metta Theatre Company with Bruce Macintosh, and studied and performed with them for three years.


Thank you so much for your interest in sharing your gifts with us at Unify Fest 2016. We acknowledge the amazing amount of talent that our greater community wants to contribute this year, but our line up of presenters, artists and speakers are completely full at this time. We highly encourage you to still come participate, receive and be present with this growing community at this impactful and meaningful gathering. There will certainly be opportunities to network and connect with 1000’s of of other like minded allies. 

With Warmth,
The Unify Fest Team