Mayan Messenger and United Nations Advisor Don Jose Munoz Officially Confirmed for UNIFY FEST 2016 in Santa Fe!

Jose Federico Munoz, is a messenger for the Mayan and other tribes from Chickaloon Alaska to Ushuaai Argentina. Jose is carrier of One of 9 ancient crystal skulls name Kame Cimi whom he shares in ceremonies around the world. Jose’s current Mission is to share the Sacred Calendars of the Sixth sun which started after the Mayan calendar started gain for another 26000 years cycle starting in December 22 2012. Jose currently is an advisor as a special operations unit for United Nations.

Please read a sample of the current messages delivered across Mother Earth.

On the Sacred day of Uak Aj, the Sacred authority, In this day we pray and are grateful for our leaders so they use Sacred authority wisely. In this day of the maiz Staff we share a message of our grand elder and holder of the ancient Mayan Authority Staff…Here is Wandering Wolf aka Don Alejandro Cirillo Perez. We made this video in Ihis Home in Guatemala and he prompt us to make this video and deliver his message, his song to us and the rest of the ones who can “LISTEN” is to the “Gualanes” those who came from the stairs thro the pleaidean portals, orion portals and Andromeda portals. he further explains why we gather and dekiver these messages, whether there are 3 of us or 300,000 of us the gatherings are to bring concrete solutions to save our Mother ship Mother earth. He has his lives time work written and has asked us for help to publish it. if you would like to help, please send your good thoughts for the sixth sun mayan calendars project. if you w ould to help any other way please contact 323 6709310 and donations are accepted at / sixth sun mayan calendar project. the following is a transcript from this video “these people bring a special commision, they are not making money with it, but it is destiny whom has brought us to walk in this world, it is the Gaualanes who are singing those who came from the stars. and now i sing it in my Mayan language. LAbolon Kiche…..Song…. thanks Father Grate Ahau Heart of the sky, heart of the Earth, hearth of the air, hearth of the water These committee dear Father, they are here in our home, Gracias and welcome as you have come you now go, take my message, take my love, take my simplicity and my humbleness. To our nannas and tattas eldersfrom other lands, where we will gather… if iam no longer here, please continue your selves, as life in this world is transitional, so thank you very much to our brothers and sisters from over their lands, my respect for all of you keep the efforts, for what? to defend our mother earth, to defend our brothers the animals, to defend our elders the trees to defend the lives of our children and future generations that is the objective of the reunions and gatherings we do in any place in any region we ll keep SHOUTING, I ask As Long as the peoples keep practicing this we will not permit our most beautiful flower our mother earth to WILT.” Don Alejandro December 2016.

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