Grandmother SaSa Officially Confirmed to Share Wisdom, Prayers, and Blessings at UNIFY FEST 2016 in Santa Fe!

GRANDMOTHER SASA (Swan of the North) Joyce E. Bryant

I was born in Central Maine to a father of Abenaki/Scottish/Irish descent and a Japanese Mother.

While growing up I realized the gifts that I was born with were a seer, a dreamer and a hands on healer. I know one day that I would meet the Grandmother whom I was always having spirit conversations with in dream-time. The day finally came when I met Grandmother Nakai Breen (Rose of the River), a Cherokee medicine women in Texas. I spend twenty years learning how to remember the things I already know and receiving new teachings from her. She asked me “where have you been for so long”? “It took you long enough to get here!”

Grandmother Nakai Breen walked as a “beloved woman”, of the people. She taught me to search and practice the gifts that I was born with and would use one day at the healing center to help “Heal the Healers”. A vision that I saw in my dreams. The building and land located on the Bear Camp River today, came thru to fruition and is in place now known as the “The Rose and The Swan” healing center in West Ossipee, New Hampshire. The Rose and The Swan is operated by donation only. No one would ever be turned away.

At The Rose and The Swan as a universal healer, twice a year I hold a Medicine Hoop of Life that was passed on from Grandmother Nakai. This is held every June and September. My husband of 45 years of marriage and I also conduct sweat lodges and pipe ceremonies. I also do Teachings of Beading in a Traditional Way.

As a lifelong lover of the earth and its people, I am blessed with two daughters and four grandchildren. I was a past National Accredited Flower Show Judge; I worked as a Head Designer for a major Southern Florist for a number of years. I volunteer and work in hospice, and will continue this passion.

I also have been motivated to work with The Crystal Earth Project that I was introduced to by Grandmother Nakai. I have blessed and planted a Crystal Earth Seed in Texas in honor of my Grandmother Nakai; I blessed the planting of The “Onondaga Peacemaker” Crystal Earth Seed in Syracuse NY. In the Spring of 2016, I planted a Crystal Earth Seed in ceremony at the Medicine Hoop of Life that I keep.

This technology directly engages the energies of Mother Earth, through the use of special crystals, for the purpose of healing and enlightening the human physiology.