Rainbow Lightning Children’s Village

Rainbow Lightning is creating the fabulous family and children’s village at UNIFY FEST in Santa Fe!  this village experience is included with any general admission ticket to UNIFY FEST.

The Rainbow Lightning Team is dedicated to creating a safe space for self exploration and empowerment with conscious play and education in mind. Holding safe space for young minds to feel inspired and free is our strong suit. Children’s sustainability education is essential; which includes permaculture focused exploration of earth based knowledge and wisdom traditions through games and creative experiences. We work to foster holistic development by nourishing the roots of our guiding principles: Sustainability, Wellness, Creativity, Self Expression, Community, Growth, and LOVE.

Check out RainbowLightning.org for more info.


‘Rainbow Lightning is dedicated to holding a safe space for the youth [future leaders of our community] wherever / whenever we can’ <— even when we aren’t at events, we always shine and inspire others with our rainbow light 🙂


‘our intention is to create a magical and inspiring sanctuary for children and families to feel comfortable expressing themselves to the fullest’


‘to encourage self expression through art, music, nature and love is our main goal’