Juan Pablo Confirmed for Shamanic Yoga and Sacred Fire Ceremony at UNIFY FEST 2016 in Santa Fe!

Juan Pablo Barahona has been immersed in learning from the spiritual, shaman and healing realms since the age of nine. His brother was diagnosed with epilepsy, and as the family traveled to various healers around the world searching for answers his interest was ignited, eventually turning to a passion for deepening an understanding for all sacred arts. Now certified in forms of Yoga, Holistic Nutrition, Tantric Philosophy, Energy Medicine, Master Reiki, Sound Healing, Shamanism, Chinese Medicine, Holistic Therapies and others, he blends all into a unique expression for maximum impact. For more than 15 years, he has taught globally in diffrent festivals, trainings and immersions. He is the co-founder and co-director of Lamat: School of Yoga Healing Arts and the director and main teacher of the Conscious Living School, where he leads 200 hrs and 500 hrs Shamanic and Holistic Yoga Teacher trainings and the Conscious Living Coach Trainings Every healing session and class he channels is unique and customized, inspired by the energy of the group and the needs presented. He combines the technical details of  biomechanics with the subtle, intuitive dimension of transformative practices. With this method, the he provides a doorway for creating a sacred space where participants can generate their own bliss and inner harmony. His classes are always inspiring, creative, empowering and full of holistic tools to reach the Natural Joyous State of Being!!!

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UNIFY FEST is a next-level paradigm shifting transformational festival dedicated to unifying humanity, celebrating life, and leaving the land better than we found it!
For 4-inspiring days thousands of people are invited to experience a fun and conscious music and health festival that unites, inspires, and educates each of us to live in more harmony with the planet, increase our health through high-vibrational products and education, and connect deeper to our life’s purpose while learning to live sustainably on the land and honoring the planet and all living beings.
We are taking a step back in time to help revive and bring forth native, localized, communal practices and understandings while bridging new scientific discoveries and empowering skillsets of permaculture, biodynamics, and sustainable living to co-create living community, vibrant health, and meaningful relationships and experiences all while learning to live and experience borderless Unification of Humanity. All of this takes place at the beautifully preserved and naturally designed sacred 200-acre grounds of Las Golondrinas in Santa Fe, NM.
The land of enchantment, Santa Fe is highly regarded as the 2nd largest art center in the country and is revered as a spiritual city where indigenous culture and sustainable living still permeates the lives of many locals. Unify Fest is designed as a charity-based event helping raise proceeds to build a non-profit sustainable-school and eco-community – and you are invited to be uplifted and empowered with thousands of people during UnifyFest 2016.