CHANCES R GOOD Officially Confirmed for Acoustic Lounge Performances and Sacred Fire at UNIFY FEST in Santa Fe!

Born Chances R good brother Kuhn in 82. Completed internship 02 in Taos NM.  Student of music recording since then . Over 250 songs written and recorded. Drums bass guitar flutes piano ngoni kalimba beatbox mouth trumpets vocal harmonies 16bars story telling and spoken word. All infused with the spirit of gratitude awe and enthusiasm for breathe in the lungs and life in the organs. cRG records an intention and prayer on every blank song thanking space and silence before any instrument is added. Tho inaudible, the first frequency maintains integrity. Humble simple 3minute songs resonate with the listener in a very familiar place and space….as if they wrote the words and melody themselves for themselves. A mantra,esc feeling. cRG would describe his sound as acoustic music. content ranging from Sanskrit to Redroad from metaphysical medafore to self-help feel good hippy hop…a common theme of water fire and space…Crg’s Philo is music is the mission not the competition. His goal is to uplift and inspire. Tho relatively unknown,crg has”fans ” world wide with continued support since 2004.

Tickets to UNIFY FEST 2016 in Santa Fe available here