LUNAR FIRE “Full Experience” Officially Confirmed for UNIFY FEST 2016 in Santa Fe!

Lunar Fire storytellers weave LIVE MUSIC & THEATRICAL DANCE to create New Myths for Modern Tribes. Let go of all familiarity and climb into a world of fantasy, alchemy, mystic dreams & ancient archetypes with LUNAR FIRE. The visuals mesmerize. The music hypnotizes.

Known for building a symbiotic interactive relationship with the audience, Lunar Fire has grown a dedicated following throughout a wide scope of communities and age groups. In every distinct version of the LUNAR FIRE spectacle, talented storytellers invite the audience to join their characters on a Hero’s journey of soul searching struggle through the challenges and triumphs of transformation.

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“Musical impresarios and masters of illusion” ~ The Denver Westword

Lunar Fire can create a fantasy dream world to fit any size event. Choose Your Own Adventure: From Full Spectacle to Ritual, with Faerie Tales & Dreamscapes. Plus optional Fire, Aerial, Acrobats, Dancers, Costume Characters & Live Music.

LUNAR FIRE performances range from a full band of live electronic and world class musicians accompanying a large versatile theatrical dance troupe to a live PA set featuring luminescent dance theatre with optional fire, aerial & video, plus optional free standing aerial rig & free standing video screen.

Lunar Fire Full Spectacle ~ Live Music & Theatrical Stage Dance. Optional Fire, Aerial, Video.

Lunar Fire Ritual ~ Fire Flow Arts, Aerial Acrobatics, Theatrical Stage Dance, Choreography. Optional Fire Ritual & Copal Ceremony. Performed to pre-recorded tracks of original Lunar Fire music or to live p.a. set with 1 musician on laptop. Optional live vocals, flutes, violin, drums or kit.

LF Faerie Tales ~ Costumed Characters in masks, face & body paint, Stiltwalkers, Aerialists, Acrobats, Fire & LED pixel light Spinners, YES, even Dancers on Roller Skates.

LF Dreamscapes ~ Free standing aerial rig, free standing video screen & projectors, 1 – 3 aerial techs, 1 – 3 video techs, 1 – 2 sound techs, optional lighting techs & film crew.

LF Fire ~ Original Unique Fire Props, Ritual & Dance Choreography include Fire Antlers, Fans, Palms, Poi, Ropes, Staff, Double Staff, Fire Eating, Body Contact, Orb, Stars, Large Fire Dreamcatcher, Dream Torches & Dreamcatcher Poi, Fire Machetes, Fire Belly Dance Sword, Fire on Aerial Chains, Fire Stick Torch 4 Directions Ceremony.

LF Aerial ~ Original Unique Aerial Apparatus & Choreography includes “Dreamspell” Lunar Fire’s signature Large Dreamcatcher with Aerial Silks, Chains with optional Fire, Trapeze, Lyra & Silks, with Choreography for Solos & Duos.

LF Acrobatics ~ Costumed theatrical dance storytelling through an combination of exciting duo acro, mind bending gymnastics & expressive modern dance.

LF Dancers ~ Costumed stage performers with choreography for modern dance, african traditional, latin salsa, hip hop, belly, tribal & psychedelic. Uv active costuming with hi tech light props such as unique LED “fireflies” and advanced LED pixel graphic poi, as well as interactive video dance projections, props projected on by Illuminated Productions of orignal paintings by art visionaries Martina Hoffman, Robert Venosa, Stevon Lucero, Adam Fu & Autumn Skye Morrison.

LF Costume Characters ~ Elaborately costumed characters with masks, headresses & crowns custom designed by Artsmyths Studio & Gallery include Stiltwalkers – Sun, Moon, Zebra, Unicorn, Winged Pegasus on Roller Skates, Foxes, Lions, Tigers, Wolves, Giraffe, Deer, the 4 Seasons, Valkyrie, Demons, Day of the Dead Skulls & Skeletons, Ghost Fox, Goddesses, Ganesha. Any character you dream up, we can create!

LF Live Music ~ Lunar Fire electronic dance & acoustic world music ranges from full live band to p.a. set with 1 DJ on laptop & optional live musicians including 2 female vocalists, 2 male vocalists, a female rapper, bass, drum kit, hand drums & percussion, guitar, violin, and often surprise special guests on vocals, drums, hammered dulcimer, hang drum, etc.

“Totally blown away… The perfomance of Lunar Fire is shamanic… The music, the rhythm, the whole essence of the experience is intoxicating.” Paula Jean West, Pagan Travel Examiner

Formed in 2002 on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, when the infamous rhythm section & dance troupe of legendary tribal rock band Kan’Nal expanded theatrical storylines & dance choreography to create Lunar Fire’s signature Tribal Cirque. Growing into a festival favorite with a dedicated following, Lunar Fire tours internationally with a home base in Colorado. Inspired by personal voyages Lunar Fire pays homage through dance and music to the ancestors and future generations of urban and ethnic cultures universally to inspire a new paradigm. Dreaming the Future!