The Heartifact Confirmed for UNIFY FEST 2016 in Santa Fe!

The Heartifact was born from the love shared between twin flames, who each remember the first time they laid eyes on each other. This sonic shamanic collaboration of Bri Summers & Rob Recker fuses elements of soulful hip-hop with a funky, island, folk twist and uses positive prayerful affirmations as the hooks, backed with tasty beat boxing. This desire to serve through sound and mantra became clear to both Rob & Bri in the spring of 2014, following a profoundly transformative ceremonial experience on Maui. Though they had both been musicians for years, they had been feeling largely unfulfilled in their musical expressions. It was only upon the clarity of their intention to produce songs of the heart frequency, songs of empowerment, that the hooks, melodies and riffs began to emerge. Since then it has been a constant practice for them to listen to their hearts and still their minds with the focused intention to continue on this pat h of protecting our planet, empowering our people, honoring our ancestors, and sharing our gifts. Thank you for listening. With our powers combined we make a difference! Our vision is to empower the come-unity by illuminating the bounty of abundance available to each and every being as a birthright. Through our music we provide the service of healing frequencies channeled and constructed to be the soundtrack to the new paradigm. Our music is intended to spark awareness and fuel the spreading of solutions regarding the current state of affairs on our planet, so we may each make the most effective contribution possible and the more informed and life supporting choices. Thus live the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences during this epic journey. Alone we are drop, together we are an ocean. May we rise together as one tribe. #theheartifact

See The Heartifact Live at UNIFY FEST in Santa Fe!