UNIFY FEST is dedicated to implementing multiple initiatives for helping create a better world for all living beings

We are creating a “leave the land better than we found it festival experience.”

Sustainability initiatives for the first year include:

  1. Permaculture tree planting workshops

  2. Natural building out of adobe workshops

  3. Herbal foraging

  4. Natural Medicine Making

  5. Natural candle making

  6. Building composting toilets

  7. Education on water/food/organic/farming/spirituality/family/health/healing/and more

  8. Eliminating 95%+ of plastic

  9. Reuseable plates/silverware/cups/mugs

  10. Using renewable energy sources such as biodiesel/solar power/and more

  11. Rebuilding soil to a better state than when we arrive

  12. And more!