Madi Sato to Share Sacred Song and Prayer at UNIFY FEST 2016!

We’re very excited that Santa Fe’s own Madi Sato will be sharing sacred music and prayer at UNIFY FEST in Santa Fe, September 22nd-25th 2016.

Madi Sato is a singer, sound healer, and teacher from Japanese Ainu, Irish lineage. She has performed and recorded music in many styles and genres, ranging from blues & jazz to sacred world music, and created three albums: Soul in Love (2002), Madi Sato (2004), and Return to the River (2011). She is certified in singing traditional Japanese ‘shigin’ (chanted poetry) and performs often with musicians of taiko drum, koto harp, and shakuhachi flute. She is also qualified to lead the Yoga of the Voice vocal practice and completed the Gettin’ Higher Community Choir Leadership Training. Since 2008, Madi has led hundreds of women in awakening and empowering the authentic voice and is the founding director of the Song Carriers Women’s Circle. She offers concerts, workshops, and ceremonies—often in collaboration with her husband poet Timothy P. McLaughlin&mdas h;meant to awaken the body-soul continuum and re-kindle humanity’s intimate, reciprocal relationship with the Earth. Madi lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with her husband and their two children, Anjamora and Tadhg.

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