Initiatives – Giving Back

UNIFY FEST is dedicated to implementing multiple initiatives for helping create a better world for all living beings

We are creating a “leave the land better than we found it festival experience.”

Sustainability initiatives for the first year include:

  1. Permaculture tree planting workshops
  2. Natural building out of adobe workshops
  3. Herbal foraging
  4. Natural Medicine Making
  5. Natural candle making
  6. Building composting toilets
  7. Education on water/food/organic/farming/spirituality/family/health/healing/and more
  8. Eliminating 95%+ of plastic
  9. Reuseable plates/silverware/cups/mugs
  10. Using renewable energy sources such as biodiesel/solar power/and more
  11. Rebuilding soil to a better state than when we arrive
  12. And more!

Honoring and supporting indigenous communities include:

  1. Embracing and sharing multicultural indigenous ceremonies from all around the world
  2. Inviting local pueblos to participate in art/blessings/prayer/ceremony/and sharing handmade crafts and cultural practices
  3. International Treaty to Protect and Restore Mother Earth – Download Here
    1. We are working with Chief Phil Lane Jr. and the Four World’s International Institute to encourage everyone to sign the treaty
  4. Empowering youth of indigenous communities and all global communities with the Earth Guardians initiatives for empowering young people to create a clean planet
  5. Encouraging indigenous youth to participate in mural art projects
  6. Inviting indigenous elders to share wisdom and guide all of us with prophecy and love for a brighter future
  7. And much more!

Creating a sustainable community and school in Santa Fe:

  1. The proceeds from UNIFY FEST will be going towards building YouCadia, an ecovillage and school in Santa Fe
  2. The land which is donated or purchased from UNIFY FEST will be a permanent site to host the annual festival as well as bring people together to help build a new kind of community and school for teaching young people to live in harmony with Mother Nature and all living beings
  3. The school and community will consist of permaculture food forests, solar energy, natural ponds, multi-age classrooms, sustainable earthen buildings, community dwellings, composting toilets, and much more!

Every UNIFY FEST ticket purchased goes towards a good cause.  We can all feel good that our time and energy and investments will be going towards creating a brighter future.  Get tickets for UNIFY FEST here!