SanSkritA to Teach Yoga at UNIFY FEST in Santa Fe!

SanSkritA DeleVin DellErba first discovered yoga as a young teenager seeking a practice to propel her along an inward spiritual journey she had already begun. Somewhere between perfecting the foreign poses and memorizing the names, she managed to fall in love.

In the summer of 2015, SanSkritA completed a 200-hour Hatha/Iyengar alignment-based yoga teacher training, catapulting her into the world of professional yoga practitioners. Besides the intensive training aspect of the course, it also took her on an inward creative journey into self-discovery and an honest examination of her beliefs, limitations, motives, and potentials.

Today, SanSkritA continues the practice of yoga for both its physical and spiritual benefits. She has an in depth understanding of asana practice (safety first), pranayama techniques, proper alignment, modifying poses and adjustments, prop use, anatomy, sequencing building blocks, working with different body types, hands on adjustments, practice teaching, role playing, Sanskrit translations, exploring different types of yoga, Ayurvedic health, dealing with special needs, the history and philosophy of yoga and the business aspect of yoga.

SanSkritA has personally used yoga as a means to reach a meditative awareness of the inner life. As both a physical and spiritual practice, yoga has the ability to inspire movements of the spirit through which we are positively influenced in our daily lives.

In regards to her teaching style, SanSkritA writes, “I believe that yoga can inspire the best within us and I work on manifesting that sense of positive confidence in my students. It is not through physical feats of strength and flexibility that we gain purpose, but in the effort required to achieve this in the first place. If we put the effort in we will feel good at the end of the day, no matter if we can touch our toes or not.”

SanSkritA’s many years of dedicated yoga practice allowed her to quickly become adept at teaching diverse levels of students, from novice to expert. Her classes focus on flow and vinyasa, with her interests in dance and movement inspiring the direction of the yoga class. Both passionate and disciplined, SanSkritA teaches at a pace upbeat but thorough to get the full benefit of refining postures, paying attention to breath work, and maintaining alignment.

“As yoga is a continual journey, it does not immediately require fitness or flexibility, only willingness, and in time the body is sculpted along with the spirit. Props and modifications to poses make yoga accessible to all.”

For SanSkritA, yoga is an art form and the body is the medium. Each assana takes the yogi to a new level of discovery. She appreciates each student as a composite of art, each with their own set of colors, textures and expression. “I don’t make the art piece; I simply encourage them to accomplish this by their own capacity, creativity and motivation. I like to say, ‘I believe in the best of you, you believe in the best of me and we believe in the best of we!'”

UNIFY FEST is a 4-day yoga, music, health, and sustainability festival in Santa Fe.  Click here for ticket options.