Shine Rilling to Perform as Shining Lion and Black Feet Tribe and Host World Peace Ceremony at UNIFY FEST 2016 in Santa Fe!

Shining Lion and Black Feet Tribe unify the people in the One Love Vibration bringing healing to and all our relations.
We draw upon the power of nature, our ancestors, and star families Weaving indigenous sounds, shamanic chants, conscious hip hop and roots reggae, to unite us in the one love vibration.
Shine has traveled to over 13 countries, surfing, learning 5 languages, studying music, shamanism, and cultures.
Shine is the founder of Peace Sticks and has led hundreds of World Peace Ceremonies combining transformational movement with music.
The 3rd album One Love Vibration is a masterpiece finding resonance with Gaians Globally.
We invite you to open you minds, hearts, and beings with us, to sing and dance together activating our selves, our tribe, our planet to the highest vibrations of love and light. Aho

Tickets for UNIFY FEST available here!