KAREN TRUJILLO-HEFFERNAN Confirmed to Teach HeartThread Workshop at UNIFY FEST!

Karen Trujillo-Heffernan is a mother of four boys and has always been passionate about family. She is the 5th child in a family of 6 and values the safety and strong heart connection she had growing up. In similar fashion, she raised her 4 boys with a base of unconditional love, freedom to explore and trust in their unique soul path. Karen founded Surfin’ Your Soul with a mission to strengthen the heart of family, one soul at a time. As a coach, she offers opportunities for people to connect to their true self as well as strengthen relationships in their life. Clients utilize Karen’s services to assist in transcending depression, addiction, anger, fear as well as facilitate open heart communication, open the heart and inspire the soul. Families work closely with her to to gain insight on heart & soul centered child guidance techniques.

Karen studied at Loyola Marymount University and earned a BA in Sociology. She continued her education and received certification in Early Childhood Education; Perpetual Motor Development; Family Coaching, Re-connective Healing; Angel Therapy; HeartThread & Accelerated Thinking Process. She is also an ordained minister and enjoys speaking, writing and being in nature.

Now that her boys have all reached adulthood Karen has recently moved from California to New Mexico to expand her coaching business specifically focusing on training people to become HeartThread facilitators. The goal is to have 1-3 HeartThread facilitators in every community around the world. Karen looks forward to collaborating with many to offer family retreats at various ranches around the world where the healing of HeartThread can be shared with horses, animals, people and the sacred land.

Here is what Karen has to say about HeartThread:

“ I am passionate about bringing the HeartThread work to the world
especially focusing on families and schools. I am equally passionate
about bringing forth developmentally appropriate child care and
education arenas for our children. Schools and home care facilities
that respect the wisdom of children by guiding and teaching to their
level and to the full essence of their spirit, mind and body. Where
modalities that bring balance and wholeness to a child, as well as
create a safe foundation of unconditional love are a daily offering.
When children grow and learn in such arenas they will grow in the
fullness of themselves and perhaps never need to utilize modalities
such as HeartThread. For now, HeartThread is one of the powerful
healing modalities available to restore wholeness, bring in
self-authority, release self doubt and transform people so as to live
in the essence of their infinite self and love. “

HeartThread is a simple, direct way to shift long-term patterns held in the body. These patterns form the structure of our lives physically, mentally, and emotionally. Through making these patterns conscious, the energy system opens, releasing constriction in the body and mind.

HeartThread brings clarity and understanding of physical patterns affecting behavior and belief systems, which determine our approach to life. Through conscious awareness of our patterns, shifts occur in the body/mind/emotion/spirit, allowing us to live without restriction and fear.