At UNIFY FEST thousands of unique individuals get to participate in co-creating a transformational experience to literally shift the vibration of collective consciousness and partake in an artistic journey of self-expression.

Some of the fun, interactive, vibrant experiences include:

  • Art Installations

  • Geodesic Yoga Dome

  • Medicine Wheel

  • Children’s Village

  • Healing Sanctuary

  • Nectar of the Goddess Temple

  • 5 Stages with Music, Workshops, Yoga, Ceremony, and Presentations

  • Sacred Fire

  • Late Night Acoustic Tea Lounge

  • Unified Field Entrance

  • Multi-Cultural Ceremonies

  • Mick Dodge Earth Gym

  • Artist Village

  • Organic Food Vendors

  • Conscious Cocktails

  • Tonic/Juice/Smoothie/and Tea Bar

  • Inspirational Presentations

  • Hands On Training in Sustainability and Self-Reliance

  • And Much More!

 Get your 4-day full-access tickets here and get unlimited access to all experiences at UNIFY FEST 2016 in Santa Fe!