Brian Ritter to Teach Qi Gong Class at UNIFY FEST in Santa Fe!

Brian Ritter integrates a broad range of disciplines and esoteric practices into simple, easy to understand lessons & profound experiences. He is certified to teach Qi Gong, Taiji,and Breathwork, bringing experience from a number of different styles. These include 4 forms of taiji, body talk, access consciousness, eft, energy medicine, auricular accupressure, reflexology, superfoods, nutrition, angel therapy, color light therapy, medical qi gong, yoga, budakon, flow arts, many forms of martial arts meditation and shamanism.

Awaken the Avatar within. Whether you aspire to be Jesus, Buddha, Krishna or a 9 ft tall blue alien this class is for you. We will learn to step into our bodies with awareness in every cell. We will learn to strengthen our bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles while moving with grace unity and precision. We will harmonize our energy fields, raise living earth energy through our roots and absorb cosmic energy through our crowns. We will learn to ride the dragons of our breath. We will connect to the grid of unified consciousness through a oneness meditation which can springboard us into profound daily synchronicities. And we can do this all playfully through the power of community. This workshop will conclude with a deep group breathwork meditation resembling the scene where the Na’vi pray to Eywa.

Join Brian at UNIFY FEST in Santa Fe!