Guayusa Ceremony from the Heart of the Amazon with Kumiko and Fingia Confirmed!

Guayusa Ceremony from the Heart of the Amazon 

In ancient times, the people of the Amazon prayed for a plant that would teach them how to dream…The story of the origin of Guayusa is a central part of Amazonian culture. The plant is prepared as a tea and connects people to the dream world. This Guayusa ceremony will include a reinvigorating presentation and healing ceremony. Kumiko will be sharing her transformational work with cine comunitario and media creation tools for healing and community transformation. Drawing from her work with Fingia this multi-media experience will transport you to the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon. Fingia is a resilient young leader and spiritual shaman of the Cofan people. Fingia will bridge the tools of technology with prayer as they share a Guayusa ceremony. He elevates sacred tea ceremonies with the music of his ancestors. Together Kumiko and Fingia have shared Guayusa and sacred plant medicines from the Amazon in ceremony across South America.

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