Rev. Fa Jun Confirmed to Teach Qi Gong and Compassionate Communication Workshop at UNIFY FEST in Santa Fe!

Rev. Fa Jun is a Martial Artist, Yoga Teacher, Ordained Minister, and Master of Medical Qigong.  Fa Jun has been a student of transformative arts for his entire life, beginning formal studies in 1993.  He has explored breathwork, movement arts, energetic healing, shamanism, and esoteric spirituality from the worlds many traditions.  Rev. Fa Jun’s central practices revolve around the Buddhist and Daoist traditions of China, India, and Tibet.  Having been ordained as a priest through the Lohan School of Tantric Buddhism, Fa Jun now works full time as a minister in Northern California.  He also regularly teaches Qigong, Taiji, Shaolin Kung Fu, Conscious Relationship, and Chinese Medical Massage therapy.

Rev. Fa Jun strives to take the latest insights from cutting edge science, and blend them with the inspirations of the world’s great mystic traditions – finding teachings that can bring peace, harmony, and prosperity to the world we all share!
We’re excited that Rev. Fa Jun will be teaching Qi Gong and a Compassionate Communication Workshop at UNIFY FEST in Santa Fe!  Get your tickets here.