Marya Stark Confirmed for UNIFY FEST 2016 in Santa Fe!

We’re very excited that Marya Stark will be performing transformational live music, teaching compassionate communication, and performing late night acoustic lounge music at uNIFY FEST September 22nd-25th, 2016 in Santa Fe, NM!  This transformational music, yoga, sustainability, and ceremonial festival will be one not to miss!  Get your tickets here!

In the space between art and persona there is magic. Artists who work their craft for decades may find it on occasion. Marya Stark lives there. Drawing from influences as diverse as Baroque classical, Broadway, pop, folk, storrytelling, and sound healing, Marya crafts a sound that is wholly original. She creates the way she breathes; without choice or hesitation.

With her most recent release, “Unstoppable Joy”, Marya embraces the joy of the universe as a palpable force to be praised. The unbridled energy and light of the song are infectious, and open up new aspects of her ministry as an ambassador of peace and activist of the heart. Her previous award-winning album, “The Garden”, has a greater depth. Marya relates experiences of love, lost and found, and of the rites of passage into earth guardianship. The classical influenced art-pop sound Stark currently prefers makes perfect sense. She loves grand musical gestures and subtle symbolism, but it’s difficult to carve out a single niche for her.

Marya’s craft is deeply influenced by her background in Expressive Arts therapy. If you find yourself at a live show, you are likely embarking on a full ride through multiple story-lines of characters in various stages along the transformational arc. Marya loves to incorporate the audience right into the heart of the song through looping the audience’s voices, passing out props, and telling tall tales. She is a carrier of myth, mystery, and medicine songs with which she embarks to create a ceremony of the human condition, taking her audience on a journey through the caverns of the soul.

You see, Marya hears the rhythms of the world around her. She sees the notes in sunlight and she hears the time signatures in passing moments. The collisions and collusions of personal relationships are like the movements of a symphony for her, and whatever she hears might inspire Marya to song.

It is this same impetuous nature that allows Marya to be involved in multiple projects at once. She loves collaborating with many musicians, in an ongoing discovery of archetypes, alchemy and global bridge building. Her two core side projects are Scarlet Crow, (avalon inspired folklore medicine songs with Carmen Crow) and Stark Levity (vaudville circus-folk duo with Travis Puntarelli).

When she is not on stage or creating music, you may find her working as a Musical Midwife, teaching Compassionate Communication, or practicing Qigong. Though, at the end of the day, Marya is at her happiest when she is creating and abiding in the bliss of the process. Whether it’s a new song to be shared from the stage or the studio, or a song that opens the senses of a child to the world around them, Marya Stark is at home in the muse.