SEES THE DAY Confirmed for Ceremony and Performance at UNIFY FEST in Santa Fe!

Come be invigorated and rejuvenate in the healing power of sound, light, vibration and frequency. Sees the Day Sound Healing’s soundscape performances offerings provide for a heightened awareness, yet natural sense of deep, soothing relaxation and healing renewal for your mind, body, heart, and spirit. A cellular rejuvenation that awakens and activates new connections through the use of sound, music & vibratory frequencies.

Join Sees The Day at UNIFY FEST September 22nd-25th, 2016 in Santa Fe! 

Hello, my name is Rick Bastine, I am the owner of Wellness By Design, an integrative holistic healing practice, where the healing begins with you. I utilize multiple modalities to assist in the self – healing process. I am a certified Hypno-therapist, as well as a NLP practitioner. I am trained in, and use many different energy healing modalities such as; Reiki, Polarity, Pranic Healing and Intuition. My belief is in alignment with the Oracle of Delphi; who said that healing is most effective and perhaps only effective when we are an active and responsible participant in our own healing process, instead of a passive victim of either the dis-ease or the treatment.Love, light and wellness ~ Rick Bastine

Hello, my name is Robert McCormick. I have over 25 years experience as a musician and sound engineer for the music, film and entertainment industry. My technical experience includes: Music composition, sound for film & television, dialogue recording specialist, ADR recording & editing, location sound, foley artist, mixing and mastering.

I have been practicing Zazen meditation for 15 years and consider it to be a integral part of my well being both mentally and physically. It has changed my life in a variety of beneficial ways which include, lower stress, positive thinking, increased intuition and much, much more. I began drawing at the age of 4 and transitioned to music in my teens. As an artist I have always been interested in sound and it’s magical ability to reach people. This led to a series of musical explorations which have delivered me to the world of sound healing . I consider working with pure sound and frequencies to be the purest form of music and connection for us. The use of crystal meditation bowls is, in my opinion, one of the best ways to connect with ourselves and a higher source. My new path in life now is directed towards exploring and studying this amazing field with Rick and David. It’s a very exciting time for us! I invite everyone to join us in this adventure to discover and explore the truly transformative things we can do with art, sound, light and technology.

Award Winning Composer’s, David Michael’s professional music career began in the late 1990’s when he began composing music for television commercials (Canon, AT&T, Sprint, VH-1 Fashion Awards), with Wendell Hanes (Voilition Sound/NYC) at New York’s Vito DeSario Editing. Together David and Wendell won a Gold World Medal for Best Original Music / Showtime’s All Out Summer Campaign at the New York Festival. Later, David decided to attend New York’s world-renowned Institute of Audio Research, where he graduated with honors. After graduating, IAR requested that David remain to teach (The Basic of Digital Audio, Digital Music Production, MIDI, MIX 1 & 2 and Audio Post-Production) and become Assistant Director of their Placement Department for 6 years. Since then, David has been composing his original music under the name SEES THE DAY. David has re-united with long time friend, audio engineer, guitarist and songwriter, Robert McCormick / PAINT and together they have teamed up with Santa Fe Sound Healer / Hypno-therapist, Rick Bastine, to embark on what is now SEES THE DAY SOUND HEALING.
Composer/Sound Designer for Film & Television, Mixing & Mastering, Audio & ADR Editing, Location Sound & Recording, Audio Post-Production, Video Editing/Post-Production, Binaural Recording, Photography, Web Design, 6 Year Instructor/The Institute of Audio Research (

John is a Native of New Mexico. Here’s what he has to say about his connection with sound and music.

“Since i was a young boy i was a lover of music as my parents were. This love of music made me a very auditory person. Music moves and stirs me very deeply. I am very affected by sound in all areas that sound can be expressed. I even talk to myself. I played the trumpet in late elementary and junior high school and never picked up another instrument until about 2001….so i’ve been playing Native American Flutes for 13 yrs now and i am self taught. It’s been quite a journey. I started out playing more tradition style flute music. Now over the last number of years it’s really changed…i’m not just performing or playing music…it’s must deeper then that. When I really drop in it’s wide and deep into my heart and spirit. It’s become medicine…my medicine…my offering to creation…to me it’s more of a ceremony then a performance. This gift doesn’t belong to me…it’s for all the people…it’s moving through me and for me it’s not about knowing it’s about being in that place of just allowing…. over and over again….Most of what i play is in the moment un-rehearsed….It’s the voice of creation of the divine …..this body,this heart and my spirit is the vessel for this beauty of life to express itself to all that are called to listen and feel and allow what is being offered through these instruments of creation….Thank you.