Ashok Gangadean Confirmed to Teach Empowering Workshops at UNIFY FEST 2016!

Ashok Gangadean, Ph.D., is a world renowned ((global philosopher)), author and spiritual activist. He is the Margaret Gest Professor of Global Philosophy at Haverford College (USA) where he has taught for the past forty-eight years. He is author of several books, including Meditations of Global First Philosophy: Quest for the Missing Code of Logos and the audio book- Awakening The Global Mind: A New Philosophy for Healing Ourselves and Our World (with Sounds True). Ashok is also the Founder-Director of the ((Global Dialogue Institute)) which introduced the Seven Stages of Deep Dialogue – innovative technology of Deep Dialogue between worlds in the art of being an awakened Human. Ashok’s current book – Awakening Global Enlightenment: The Maturation of our Species – reaches out to the widest possible global audience and is also being drafted as a potential feature movie script revealing the “greatest ((story)) never told” – quest for the missing Source Code of codes. Ashok’s lifework and its ((Acti-Vision)) seeks to deepen real ((integral transformations)) in the Life of our Human Family. He has demonstrated that when we humans are “de-((Sourced))” we suffer wide ranging pathologies and dysfunctions. And our greatest challenge now in to make our crossing into ((Source Life)). This is the consensus of the ((Wisdom)) of the Ages. ((Enlightenment)) is gaining ((Source Code Vision)) and this ((Source Vision)) is the Maturation of our ((Species)). Learn more at and

We are excited Ashok will be bringing his vast wisdom to UNIFY FEST September 22nd-25th, 2016 in Santa Fe, NM!  For Tickets Click Here.