Local Santa Fe Legend and Award Winning Performing Artist Consuelo Luz Confirmed for UNIFY FEST 2016!

Consuelo Luz, vocal alchemist, singer/songwriter, activist, award-winning recording and performance artist, known worldwide for her soulful interpretation of Sephardic music, has performed internationally, produced and recorded eight albums and her works have been included in many international music compilations such as Buddha Bar and Putumayo.

Consuelo Luz will be performing music and teaching a workshop at UNIFY FEST in Santa Fe, NM September 22nd-25th, 2016!  Get tickets here.

Consuelo grew up in Greece, Peru, Italy and the Philippines, raised by Chilean/Cuban parents and is on a journey of discovery of the bio-mystic nature of the sounds we utter, how they affect us spiritually and physically and how the frequency of sound is the fabric of the world we inhabit.

In concert Consuelo is your guide on a musical journey from our rhythmical Root connection to the Earth through the Seven Chakras to the Crown and beyond. With mesmerizing soundscapes, intuitive vocals and Sacred Dance, vibrational frequencies are activated, balanced and experienced as an alchemical healing of our creative energy centers, the Chakras, also known as the Sefirot of the Tree of Life, resulting in a radiant flow and a loving, spacious consciousness.

In workshop Consuelo shares how Sound calls us at this time to remember root soul songs, find our star tongue, manifest musical languages of ancient and future light and voice the radiant dialect of the heart.

Consuelo will guide you in expressing stuck patterns with vocalization and movement, using vocal alchemy to free the voice and the body to sing and dance liberated frequencies, balance and activate the energy centers and stir up and release blockages so as to evolve our dreams and identities and awaken the true and healthy self.

“Vocal alchemy helps us find our voices and connect with our bodies so we can re-tune our own stories and thus the stories that create culture, weaving the individual threads of our varied ancestries and multicultural pathways into a new narrative which can embrace it all. What we sing, write, utter and dance is the magical mechanism with which we rise above what separates us to a place where our different myths can co-exist in the poetic grandness, aching heartbreak, belly laugh fun, silent depth and sweet joy of diversity.”