Dr. Judy Scher to Teach Spiritual Pioneering at UNIFY FEST 2016 in Santa Fe!

Dr. Judy L. Scher is a visionary in the art of embodied sustainable awakening and human progress. Her extraordinary ability to tune into others and decode his or her imprint is what has many of her chiropractic and life coaching clients say that she is their secret weapon to success. Through sacred attunement with universal spirit Dr. Judy is a divine matchmaker in that she helps people connect to his or her most powerful and authentic version of self – the soul self. Her work is grounded in the integration of body, mind and spirit – whether she is speaking to a group or working individually, the field of energy that she accesses catalyzes results of more joy, more freedom and true authentic expression of self.

For over thirty years Dr. Judy has thrilled clients worldwide, creating a larger demand for her to bring her wisdom to change makers, leaders and visionaries. Her clients include CEO’s, world leaders, and groups in various industries.

Dr. Judy is the director of Scher Center for Well Being, and author of numerous articles published in Evolving Magazine/Santa Fe. She has trained chiropractors globally, while continuing to help transform thousands of lives to become more joyful, experience greater aliveness and move into even greater success.

Join Dr. Judy Scher at UNIFY FEST in Santa Fe!